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Client Testimonials

Doing a past life regression session with Daniel was a once in a life time experience! He creates a completely safe environment that allows you to go deep in a real vulnerable way. If you are looking to learn more about yourself and have a one of a kind experience, Daniel is your guy!

Georgi J.  (Los Angeles, California)

I’m a guy — that’s short for, "I’m a skeptic.”  My wife did a regression with Daniel, and she absolutely loved it, and urged me to do it.  And, because I like to consider myself more open-minded than closed minded, I gave it a shot. And I’m glad I did.

My fear going in was that I would “see nothing”, and then, out of guilt for wasting Daniel’s time, or not wanting to hurt his feelings, I would sort of… make stuff up.  But… that’s not how the session went!  I felt like I travelled somewhere, and saw what could have been a past life… (Trust me, it takes a lot for me to say that.)  

What was most interesting is that the life I glimpsed was neither flattering or cliche.  Definitely not something I expected, or could have guessed for myself.   Instead, I stumbled upon a plausible (and fun) possible explanation as to why I've made certain big choices in life — as far back as what to study in college…  And, whether or not the times in my life when I’ve been lonely have been an aberration (as we like to think), or, a rather a natural preference -- if that makes sense! 

Bottom line, Daniel’s very good at this. It’s enjoyable, relaxing, and...if you think you’re open minded, find out.  :) 

Mike J. (Westlake Village, California)

Daniel is a time traveling GURU!! My session with him was truly amazing and transformative, I’ve never experienced so much depth. He made me feel so safe and so seen as I shared my deepest traumas and stories. He was kind, caring, friendly and made the session so much fun with his sense of humor. During my session with him, I was able to surrender and let go of beliefs and traumas that were no longer serving me and it felt so liberating. I would 100% recommend Daniel to anyone who wants to dive deeper into themselves and help themselves heal

Yasmin E. (New York, New York)

My session with Daniel was so profound. After my fiancé died, I missed him so much but for some reason thought we didn't share any past lives. Daniel encouraged me to explore it anyway. Seeing David through our past lives was so meaningful. I was overwhelmed with joy to have more time with him and to experience "us" in different settings and lifetimes. It gave our relationship so much more meaning to understand the broader context of our soul paths. Daniel held so much space for my overflowing emotions in the session and was a masterful guide, allowing me to experience pure bliss that i could not have fathomed I would get to that extent after David died.  Don't waste a minute, give yourself the gift of a session with him (or a few!).

Kaley Z. (Jerusalem, Israel)

To say I feel blessed that the universe connected me with Daniel is simply an understatement. Daniel is the real deal and an incredibly special soul, fulfilling his purpose here completely. I had little idea of what to expect going into the experience and I left with my soul renewed. He approaches past life regression in a holistic manner - carefully peeling back all the layers life has built for you over the years. Layer by layer, Daniel challenges you to question the status quo - striving for growth and enlightenment at every turn, but guides you along the way. Outside of being not only a complete healer, astrologer and past life regressionist, Daniel is a world-class therapist. Despite my 10+ years of being in traditional therapy, Daniel helped me make new mind blowing breakthroughs in just four hours. He is able to connect with you so quickly, and by the end of the session you certainly feel enlightened, empowered and ready for what life has in store for you next. Daniel is deeply trustworthy and kind - two traits necessary in a practitioner to undergo this spiritual experience. Thank you so much Daniel, for all you helped me receive and for going above and beyond for what was called of you.

Zainub N. (Long Beach, California)

For years, I have wanted to experience Past Life Regression but I'd never found the right person. Daniel was definitely that person and the regression that I had with him was one of the most profound experiences of my whole life. It's completely changed how I view myself and it enabled me to connect with past lifetimes that I could feel were there, but had never had the chance to fully access them. It brought old pain to the surface so that I could finally clear the stuck energy and move forward, and it helped me to connect the dots for why I am the way I am and what I am here to do. I couldn't recommend a regression with Daniel enough and I think the work that he does is so important. I'll be recommending him to anyone that is interested in a Past Life Regression from now on. Thank you Daniel!

Liz R. (Poole, England)

My past life session with Daniel was transformative in the most practical of ways. I was connected with Daniel through a mutual friend, and what transpired through our session continues to transform me over a year later.

With this incredibly intimate and sensitive self work the presence of trust and love is vital. With Daniel I felt a holding of space in such an honorable way, I was able to dig deep into the core of who I really am. After our session I was no longer able to ‘play small’ nor pretend to be the persona I had created for myself. 

Many times we seek a form of healing when we feel less than, but engaging in this deep healing work when you feel strong and well is hugely beneficial. Daniel to me is a very competent healer in the way he allows you to heal yourself by supporting your courage to dive deep into consciousness.

Chloe C.  (Sydney, Australia)

"My session with Daniel was really illuminating. He made sure to blend his understanding of astrology into my session, which he is also a student of, knowing it was my frame of reference. His questions and insight were so powerful and pointed. He then guided me through an experience of a past life in which I felt completely supported. It was so helpful to look into that life to understand the concept of spiritual devotion and balance. I definitely recommend the past-life regression experience to anyone hoping to discover more about themselves."

Alex C. (Brooklyn, New York)

Truly enjoy all the past life regression sessions I’ve had with Daniel - they open up a new world of possibilities and insights! I’ve had some sessions with him in person and most recently online - both wonderful experiences! Daniel is very professional in the way he facilitates his sessions and very knowledgeable in the concept of past live regression as a whole. You can definitely tell he’s been doing this for years! I’ve always felt comfortable working with him and our sessions always leave me feeling relaxed… AND with some incredibly profound discoveries! I whole heartedly recommend having a session with him, you will undoubtedly learn a lot about yourself, who you were, who you are and even who you can be!

Jessica W.  (Santa Monica, California)

Daniel was absolutely accommodating and made me feel very comfortable with my regression experience. He was able to help me tap into other sides of my mind that I had no idea existed!

Dana S. (Los Angeles, California)

It is not hard to surrender to the process and remove the walls of doubt when you work with Daniel. His integrity to the practice, his passion to heal, and his sheer knowledge and wisdom of psychology, science, and spirituality make him the ultimate Past Life Regressionist. 

I had my doubts.

But Daniel found a small hole of hope in me and helped my subconscious squeeze its way through and explore lifetimes that I have never been. I saw and felt things that were directly related to my chronic pain that provided causality and insight where I had blindspots. I was now able to "go there" and explore that part of my life that I had regressed and been uncomfortable going into.

If you are on the fence just speak to him. One session can change your life. 

We spend thousands of dollars on good food, gym memberships, trainers etc...but when it comes to our psychological or emotional well being that takes a backseat financially. It should be priority #1.

Make it yours.

Brian P.  (Jerusalem, Israel)

My past life regression session with Daniel was relaxing and enlightening! I'll be honest - I was a little nervous going into our session because I wasn't really sure what to expect, and I was worried some things might come up that I'm not ready for. Daniel was very reassuring and took the time to walk me through the process and get to know me, so I could really feel comfortable during our session. And the experience was really great! Daniel did a wonderful job leading me through the memories I felt drawn to and deciphering the emotions that were being brought up so I could release them. If you've been thinking about dabbling in past life regression, but you're a little unsure, I totally recommend it from a newbie's perspective!

Kinsey S. (Vail, Colorado)

Sometimes we need to go face steps back to go one step forward. A few days ago I received an unexpected Past Life Regression session and I want to share a little bit about my experience.
I was dealing with some unprocessed emotions and feelings about my past (in this current lifetime) and for years since have been struggling to let them go fully. 
Even though I was growing into my new self, there were things about my past the were still unresolved.
Daniel helped me identify the reasons why I still struggle to move on and guided me to find within myself the right solutions. 
The weekend after was followed by many breakthroughs and growth.  Thank you for your help, Daniel.

Grace (Vienna, Austria)

I had the honor of getting a past life regression session done by Daniel.  It took me a few days to really integrate my experience, but the experience itself was amazing. I felt safely guided through the realms I was in. I was able to see a few of the different lives I've lived through, some human, and nonhuman. I was able to identify patterns that have been carried on from previous lives, so that I can be more aware of them today and break free from these patterns.

Alyssa V. (San Jose, California)

My past life regression with Daniel was a MAGICAL, phenomenonal, mind-blowing experience. Being a shamanic practitioner, I have had the opportunity to witness a few of my past lives through journeying but I do not think spirit would have showed me the life I experienced in my session with Daniel just on my own. It was POWERFUL! My consciousness was ready to integrate that part of myself back into my being. Daniel held such a nuturing space for me! When things got really difficult with what I was experiencing, I felt totally comfortable crying and releasing the pain my soul was holding on to. I love that Daniel incorporates such a detailed introduction before we even do the regression! We talked about my upbringing and my astrology chart. Being a fellow astrologer, I got really excited about that piece of our session. I realized I read for others but don't often talk about my own chart and it was a lot of fun! If you are curious about your past lives or meeting your higher self, BOOK A PAST LIFE REGRESSION with Daniel! You won't regret it. You'll get so much out of it! It's been weeks since our session and I'm still processing! Thank you so much Daniel for sharing your gifts!

Tylynn M. (Los Angeles, California)

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